They Make Me So Mad I Could Spit!

I hope that my white friends won't be offended by this. This article is not about my friends. (April says I shouldn't have to write that because my friends would know that this isn't about them. But I'm just being considerate.) I've been through many struggles with Wikipedia. I've fought with them to publish my articles on Ella Sheppard, Henrietta Myers, The National Association of Negro Musicians, Anne Gamble Kennedy, Matthew Washington KennedyMatthew Kennedy: One Man's Journey, and Nina Gamble Kennedy. Earlier frustrations resulted in my writing a blog called "Wikipedia Goddamn." After seeing that my Wikipedia article on my book has been "Nominated for deletion" I wrote the following:

White people have to make me laugh. This bastard (on the Wikipedia "talk page") spews it out as an insult that "...she's been writing about herself for years..." Well, if white people had been writing about my work as a concert pianist, then I wouldn't have to do it, now would I? They just automatically assume that anything having to do with black people is less qualified or less worthy of recognition. Fine! Go ahead! Insult me. It won't shut me up. These people discount and dismiss us for sport, all in an effort to prop themselves up. I'm so tired of them I could spit! They desperately want to hold onto all of the accolades and thus leave us in the servant class. Don't think for a minute that we don't know what you're up to. It's just like Trump accusing Obama of having committed a crime in a desperate effort to distract us from his own crimes. They just think that we'll grow tired of these constant struggles for dignity and inclusion and go away. Well, guess again! I've had to struggle all my life for every little crumb of recognition my that parents and I have received. A little worm like you isn't going to stop me.

I've been reading in the Leonard Bernstein letters how he and his colleagues only thought in terms of what served their best interest, even when it came to marrying women (in spite of the fact that they were gay). They had sex with each other, promoted and hired each other, and had no qualms about marrying a woman if they thought the marriage would enhance their careers. They couldn't have cared less about hiring or promoting African Americans, since it was not considered "chic" to do so (unless they were servants). Meanwhile, our communities suffered, while the whites partied and celebrated each other. Like I said, I'm so sick of them I could spit!

(My grandfather owned stock in a company in Chicago whose offices were in a building that would not allow blacks to enter the building unless they were servants, and then they had to come in through the back door. I found this information online. These laws were on the books through the end of the second World War. These self-absorbed idiots in the U.K. at Wikipedia have no clue of the truth of American history.)

After surviving cancer and a Global Pandemic, these little self-absorbed trolls are not going to get me down! I encourage every African American to dedicate yourself to fighting back. We need you! They have used every trick in the book to keep us down. Now that everybody is struggling in the wake of this pandemic, they'll probably be more vicious than ever. Have the courage to argue with them! My father would never argue with whites. He accepted their words as the truth, and he raised me not to argue with them as if they were my masters. Well, they need for us to argue. Otherwise, they're free to completely lose touch with reality. FIGHT BACK!!!


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